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A distance of 336 steps

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

This book is conceptional. Size is small. Color is white. It has no image.
It is very simple that’s why it works well when you read this book.
There is no disturbance. You can see only a few word in the middle of page.
For example ‘A distance of 86 steps‘.

Each page has different number of steps.
Minimum is 3 steps. maximum is 3252004362 steps.
I can imagine the place if I walk this steps then I can reach somewhere.
In general we don’t notice about steps before we walk somewhere.
So this book can make us become aware of the number of steps.

Catalog number : brouw4

3 Responses to “A distance of 336 steps”

  1. Anne de Boer Says:

    It could be nice to open the book every day at a random page, and just walk. But keep the maximum steps you have.
    It will be a boring day if you have the 3 steps.

  2. Marcel Kröpfl Says:

    How dit you felt when you saw the book, and when you opened it.
    Were you surprised?
    Or was it boring?
    You should tell us what you felt…

    And a comment on Anne, Her day will be busy if she has the one with 3252004362 steps…

  3. Freija van Dijk Says:

    This book sounds interesting! Is there really nothing else in there but number of steps? Ah, don’t tell me, I will find out for myself! (and play the little game Anne suggested)

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