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This is a Rietveldproject

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

This book contains nice typography. It has a blue hard cover. This book consists of only 7 words which are

( ik. jij. zie. ben. denk. wat. dat ).

It has no image only text. It looks like a poem. The right side has only sentences. The left side has nothing. I think it is done on purpose by the author, so we can concentrate more on the text. It has a space for thinking. The right side has an odd page number. It start from 5 to 45. I found two interesting things in this book. First page has ( 12 l ABC l QX l 12 l ABC l QX l 12 l ABC1 ) . It looks like some signal or quiz for me. Last page has information about this book. This book is Rietveldproject nr. 50. It makes me curious about Rietveldprojects. this book makes sense about thinking space and using only 7 words. That’s what I like in this book.

book number. 758.3 rie 2a

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