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Beautiful braille

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

When I open this book I was overwhelming because it was full of beautiful braille. Also the page color is white. It has no images. I can not read braille, but I tried to read it. First I closed my eyes. Then I felt full of braille, but it was very difficult to recognize different words. After I changed my mind. Let’s look at braille as a art. It has nice texture. Each page has different texture. Some braille parts are like foam, other parts are very complicated. I think the shadow makes it complex as it is also braille itself.  There is page a light number upside. It is different than in a normal book.  But I am still wondering about this book’s content. Maybe it is nice to let it be unknown. This book makes you aware of braille as an art.

book number.726.8 cat46

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