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A constant repetition of form

Thursday, March 4, 2010

A task to dissect the aesthetics of my object.
A little machine with rumbling boilers and brass fittings.
A clumsy black rubber knob and sharp metallic lines.
A repetition of lines that make a symmetry of circles, hexagons and octagons.
A simplistic and minimal ripped off design for the shape.
A mass-produced iconic object within the field of industrial design.
A constant repetition of form.


Waking up, brushing our teeth, our morning cup of coffee.
It’s all part of a daily routine.
The constant repetition of the same shape in every element of this espresso machine fascinated me.
I took that concept and applied it to another object.
The design of the toothbrush is simplistic yet intriguing because of its peculiar hexagonal form.
A form that came into being by a constant repetition of a similar shape.


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