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Sometimes, creating something with something created can lead to a new creation

Tuesday, May 21, 2019


I rely on science just like another person may rely on god like

a woman that cleans will not lose her morality 

Or Hamlet, whose private conversation with his mother is overheard by Polonius, hiding behind the drapes


Blue means “deep, inner, supernatural, peaceful “Sinking towards black, it has the overtone of a mourning that is not human.” “typical heavenly color”, not being able to direct the final outcome of a project


the outcome can sometimes become quite exciting, bringing together recordings that are time wise very far away form each other

Of showing the change through time, by pushing a big squared formed ice block through the streets  of …Mexico City


When is a sock a sock? a word is a room and a room is a word

We can always be slow in reference to something

which is faster. Get used to see the shoe on the other foot, get used to perceive slowness


Where did you hide the gun? It can be weeks before they are found, and by then, the bodies are in a state of decay


But sometimes you can find something that can be of use. But then I come across delightful sentences that have now regretfully almost disappeared from use, and instantly I am charmed again.


For me sound is something mysterious, because I’m deaf

I find myself in getting shallow answers and understanding of the material world around me..


Step six, keep it together


Some theories hold that cave paintings may have been a way of communicating with others

Some people prefer to wear black clothes while others feel them selfs most comfortable in white, empty spaces

…..It becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy


He tells that his girlfriend had a birthday party but didn’t had enough space to let all the guests sit, so in one day he made a table and extra chairs so all the guests had a place and a table to eat from

It gave the children the opportunity to explain themselves in a way, that haven’t been possible for the children before

Should we think about our plants and animals? 


The sensations stays with you long after you have exited the work and you feel a connection with everyone who have ’felt’ the work

But sometimes he gets criticized that he did not had a relation to the real world


I was thinking, writing about a chair can be really interesting but for me it had to be more than only writing about a chair

it seems like this chair just appeared to be. and it looks great.

I wonder how does it feel to sit on that chair

That same one that JØRGEN HØVELSKOV



The book gives us back that brave imagination of a child

A thing given willingly to someone without payment; a present

the dimension of pure existence, of the goodliness, of eternal and perfect beauty Well, in this century grooms usually don’t give their brides gifts like this


Despite its abnormal appearance this book is like many others of its kind held together by tape


The noise from the boots that hit the cold wet floor, yelling men shouting and cursing, fork lift trucks and pallets that hit the floor with a loud bang But the jury was also impressed by the content of the thesis


Though there’s definitely a shadow hanging over this book and it’s called reality  However, the Mohawk tribe never actually wore the Mohawk hairstyle traditionally


If I was a nomad.. I would be a technomad

The golden thread gives me the feeling that it will hold forever…


as can be seen by the frequency it has been rented out in recent years by people with a similar curiousity and interest to mine

The exhibited artworks or the visitors walking carefully among them, observing them…

¡¡¡¡¡The naked truth!!!!!


Where does it come from, and how can we get it, (energy wise of course, I wasn’t talking about love)


Am I experiencing life like a collage? 

Remembering that humans possess in a 98% the same DNA than gorillas

Like the plastics

Humans are moldable as well, changing along with new inventions

…In the end, I’m a person, not an algorithm, and I decided to embrace this…


A poem created by putting together sentences found amongst the many existing writings, while browsing the 3000 texts on the blog. The copyrights belong to the auteurs, and to me.

The problem of finding an interesting subject

Monday, October 22, 2012

[publication of graduation essay by Lilian Stolk 2012]


“Zoek het dichtbij jezelf”, was de tip die mijn scriptie begeleider mij gaf. Ik zag mij zitten, op het puntje van mijn bureau stoel en mijn neus in mijn computerscherm. Maar wat mij zo fascineerde, wist ik niet. Na lang nadenken over een goede onderzoeksvraag, besloot ik de zoektocht zelf als onderwerp te nemen. Ik herhaalde de vier stappen die ik tot nu toe had genomen, zoals een museumbezoek of het analyseren van mijn eigen werk. Ik werkte samen met grafisch ontwerper Aude Debout, die de vier stappen fantastisch heeft vormgegeven.

Download thesis: Mijn zoektocht naar een onderzoeksvraag [dutch language]

[image from essay by Lilian Stolk][ /]


Pharmakon, cure as well as poison

Monday, October 22, 2012

[publication of graduation essay by Marieke Berghuis 2012]

“Pharmakon: De magie van het schrift” is a thesis about the connection between the material world and the world of writing. This thesis investigates the question in two parts: the effect symbolic signs have on us as well as the effect of the manual activity of writing/drawing itself on the writer.

In Plato’s book Phaedrus, Sokrates tells a story of the Egyptian Pharaoh Thamus who is visited by the god Hermes, or Toth. Hermes is the alleged inventor of writing, and offers his invention to Thamus as a cure (‘pharmakon’) for memory. The king refuses the gift, believing writing would rather be poison (‘pharmakon’) to the memory, since memory needs to be trained. Without training their memory people will remember only by mere virtue of an external device. This story is firstly about writing, but the word ‘pharmakon’ also provides the key in this research’ conclusion. ‘Pharmakon’ means at the same time cure and poison. This ambiguity and lack of unequivocality is what renders writing, drawing or mark making, in a sense magical. In focusing on the performative act of writing or drawing, I found that artists such as On Kawara and Hanne Darboven, and writers such as Franz Kafka, Robert Walser and Walter Benjamin, created a certain beneficial rhythm for themselves by the manual, repetitive movements of painting, drawing or writing.

My research is illustrated by the personal story of me taking notes in a courtroom. Security guards removed me from the public gallery and confiscated my drawings for inspection as they posed a security problem. That was the starting point of a lengthy exchange of letters to discover the rule or regulation I had violated. Eventually, I was told that as long as the authorities knew what I was doing, could understand or read what I scribbled on the paper, there would have been no problem. My notes however, being illegible to the authorities and made without a clear-cut, understandable purpose, rendered my presence disruptive.
Download thesis: De Magie van Het Schrift [dutch language]

[image from graduation show and essay of Marieke Berghuis][]


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