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The least construction

Saturday, November 20, 2010

The most amusing thing in Rietveld’s construction is the combination of the large window, horizontal and vertical lines.

The important factor of Rietveld, which is linking the inside and outside of large window gives not only physical visual effect, but also the feeling that it is as if the space is being expanded in the mind. That is why I thought that the space he made is not fixed, and is flexible in terms of mental and physical condition.

Therefore, the point of my work is expansion and communication of space, and minimization of boundary.

The forest (small park or also called Parool-driehoek) is the only empty space in the area and the only nature.

That is why if people make something artificial there, it should be at the least, and that it should have synergy effect to people who enjoy the only small nature and give the least damage.

That is why I have thought about de architecture. It is construction, but it is a construction with the most open form and it can have form at the least level whenever desired, and if necessary, it can have different size, which was what I wanted. It is because I have always thought that construction makes much break off.

I wanted to make a building with only windows with the most maximized form. It can be glass wall or also a frame without glass. I want to attempt a building which exists as part of the great nature, and not a building with external environment drawn inside. So, a building which exists for nature, and which exists for the people who enjoy the nature, and which has only the least function,

If we put something, we should perceive that a boundary comes to exist based on the object. if I put something between S and me, this becomes one boundary. This is physical, and very mental.It is because communication is also held at last through boundary.

I wanted to maximize one factor of construction to the limit.The least construction composed with the most maximized form. Isn’t it really perverted? Originally, each extreme always has perverted factor.


I had two questions doing this work, and the first is, should a construction necessarily have a roof? The second is, what is the difference between sculpture and construction?

That is why I studied furniture and construction of Rietveld with opened structure.

Considering it differently, Rietveld’s construction is an extended form of the furniture he made. It is resembles structurally very much.

It is strong regarding sun shine, and when it rains, or when necessary, the space can be modified.

It becomes construction now, and a public sculpture then.

I wanted it to become a post-construction.

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